Patel Ervin PLLC

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Houston Business Law Attorneys

Startups and established businesses can benefit from the services offered by Patel Ervin PLLC. 

Our understanding of the business world means that we know how to balance business needs with pure legal interests. For example, a litigator evaluates a client's chances of success in a lawsuit. A counselor evaluates the economic and noneconomic costs of litigation, including the impact such litigation could have on a business's standing in the industry, the negative publicity the company may endure, as well as possible loss of goodwill among consumers. At Patel Ervin PLLC, we are both litigators and counselors, and we strive to provide customized legal strategies that meet your overall business objectives.

Business Law Service

Business agreements: Our lawyers can draft, review and negotiate business agreements of all types, including e-commerce agreements.

Business formation: We can assist startups in forming their business entities, including corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and more complex business structures.

Business litigation: When disputes arise regarding contracts, business partnerships and other matters, our lawyers have the experience to resolve those disputes by whatever means necessary and in the best financial interest of our clients. We work diligently to understand the issues in the case, to determine what our client has to gain, and to perform an intelligent cost/benefit analysis to identify an appropriate solution.