Patel Ervin PLLC

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A Law Firm for Online Businesses

At Patel Ervin PLLC, we advise businesses considering expansion to web and mobile platforms. A number of unique laws and regulations apply to online and mobile commerce. Patel Ervin PLLC has the knowledge required to ensure that our clients web and mobile platforms can generate positive value with minimal legal risk.

eCommerce, Terms & Conditions, and Privacy Policies

The terms and conditions imposed on any business's web and mobile customers must be robust enough to withstand challenges to enforcement, while ensuring that the business's goals are met. Our lawyers help eCommerce businesses and brick and mortar businesses expanding to web and mobile platforms devise an overall plan for implementing enforceable terms and conditions that do not stand in the way of customer interaction and purchasing decisions.

Comply with Laws Relevant to Your Industry

We take great care in getting to know the businesses we represent. We will learn about the products and services our clients offer, not only to better understand what our clients do, but also to ensure we account for a variety of industry-specific laws and regulations, such as data privacy laws. We have provided advice regarding business websites, mobile platforms, and eCommerce portals to clients in a number of industries, including:


Social Media


Cloud Computing