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Our lawyers understand that a fresh perspective is one of the primary benefits of retaining separate appellate counsel. This is why we have advised some of our litigation and trial clients to retain separate counsel to handle any appeals related to their matters. By the same token, our lawyers have the experience and subject-matter expertise in business and commercial disputes to handle appeals from cases litigated by other trial counsel.


The vast majority of appeals are decided without oral argument. Our lawyers have honed their written advocacy skills through the course of a number of prior appellate matters as well as a continuing emphasis on advancing written advocacy skills through continuing legal education and workshops.


  • Multiple post-judgment appeals to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and to Texas appellate courts.

  • Full briefing to the Texas Supreme Court on an interlocutory appeal over an issue of first impression regarding the transfer of assets held by a partnership. 

  • Full briefing to the Texas Supreme Court in a mandamus proceeding presenting an issue of first impression about the scope of the attorney-client privilege.

  • Full briefing to the Texas Supreme Court on an issue decided differently by two Texas appellate courts concerning district court jurisdiction over disputes arising from public records requests under the Texas Public Information Act.

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