A substantial part of our practice centers on business and commercial litigation, including disputes over business ownership and control, contract disputes, trade secret litigation, lawsuits arising from restrictive covenants, business torts, and consumer protection matters.


We also represent both plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of non-business civil litigation matters, including personal injury disputes, real estate litigation, fiduciary litigation, probate and guardianship litigation, and fraudulent conveyance matters.


As trial counsel, our lawyers are diligent and aggressive in preparing and executing litigation strategies for our clients. Armed with extensive experience and top-level legal education, our lawyers look for every possible persuasive edge that might convince a judge or jury to side with our clients' positions.


We advocate for our clients, but we also strive to be effective counselors. Our lawyers strive to be responsible and available to our clients. And we tailor our litigation advice and strategies to our clients' overall position, factoring in legal, financial, and business considerations impacted by the litigation process.

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